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Aba Road Estate

Located in Port Harcourt (outside of the city center), Aba Road Estate offers 416 units in a strategic location between Onne and the international airport PH, in a district with many offices, a golf course and a heliport. Here resides the headquarters of Intels Nigerian Football Academy.

Port Hartcourt View of Oil Service Center complex

Camp Facilities + Port Facilities

Port Harcourt is an important industrial and commercial center, which hosts many economic activities (mostly managed by multinationals), mainly related to the oil extraction process, since the main refineries in Nigeria are located here.

Intels owns and manages two important real estate properties in the area - Heliconia Park Estate and Aba Road Estate.

Aba Road is located near the airport: a very large village which offers extensive accommodation, offices and sports facilities and is home to the headquarters of Intels’s Nigerian Football Academy.

Aba Road Camp Location

The estate’s tranquil surroundings belie its strategic location in the north-east of the city.

Situated between Onne and Port Harcourt international airport, the Aba Road Estate delivers a sophisticated fusion of luxury and convenience, with dedicated sport and leisure facilities.

It’s a self-contained and secure home-away-from-home; ideal for local and international companies operating in Nigeria. The heliport offers direct connection to offshore transfers.


    Apartments set in a unique location, an exclusive residential village consisting of individual housing units equipped with all modern comforts.

    This oasis of tranquillity and exclusiveness is one top-of-the-line solution to reside in Port Harcourt, immersed in the green of the park. All apartments consist of a private entrance, a living room, a kitchen with appliances, a bedroom and a bathroom. One-story or two-story solutions.

    Moreover, they have 24h electricity, water, air conditioning, wi-fi, satellite TV, cleaning service and laundry.

    Internet Wi-Fi

    Electricity 24/7

    TV Sat

    Private security

    Laundry and daily cleaning

    Considering the needs of our guests, the period of use and the type of contract stipulated with the companies, Aba Road Estate offers the following types of accommodation:
    one bedroom
    52 to 80 sqm
    255 units
    two bedrooms
    100 to 128 sqm
    96 units
    three bedrooms
    120 to 152 sqm
    23 units
    four bedrooms
    145 to 200 sqm
    23 units
    six bedrooms
    200 sqm
    1 unit
    30 to 40 sqm
    18 units


    Unwind and lose yourself in Aba Road’s range of sports and leisure facilities. Swimming pools, relaxation zones, tennis and basketball courts, and a weight gym with a dedicated fitness area are all on site. You can even enjoy a round of golf at the local club. Residents can socialize in bars, restaurants and common green areas dotted around the estate. They may also shop at the supermarket, which stocks a variety of local and international products. An advanced security system, 24h active surveillance and restricted access to the site mean that safety should not be a concern.

    swimming pool


    basketball court


    fitness area

    24/7 surveillance


    lounge bar

    International restaurant