Camp Facilities

In addition to its commercial port facilities solutions, Intels Nigeria Limited offers residential estates and services as an option to its clients. Planned and built close to the commercial facilities to minimize transport costs, the residential estates are considered top-of-the-line in Nigeria. Major oil companies have declared them “safe havens” and given them their complete approval.

Through running commercial facilities at Aba Road Estate, Heliconia Park Estate, Onne Estate and Warri Estate, Intels Nigeria Limited understands its clients’needs for housing and leisure facilities that are secure, comfortable and reliable.
All of the residential estates are purpose-builtfacilities that include fully-furnished residential units, restaurants, bars and supermarkets, clinics (SOS International), helipads, swimming pools, gymnasiums, children’s playgrounds, football fields, tennis and squash courts, fitness centers, a 4-hole golf course (Aba Road Estate) and top-quality security systems.
All boast ample open space, including grassed areas and mature trees. The “Overall Secured Area” is the principal concept upon which Intels Nigeria Limited bases the security implemented in all its estates.


The “Overall Secured Area” is the background concept upon which Intels bases the protection of all its estates. Its features include both active and passive security, perimeter protection and also evacuation plans.

Active Security Features

2,000+ Navy, Army, Mobile Police and private agencies patroling the areas along dedicated paths and scheduled patrol walks with trained dogs.


Passive Security Monitoring System

Access control at the entrance gate by electronic tag and CCTV with central control and squash courts, fitness centers, a 4-hole golf course (Warri Estate) and top-quality security systems.

Perimeter Protection

Outer wall built with reinforced concrete panels and electro-fence above.
Anti-intrusion system with vibration-operated sensors and PC control room remote monitoring of any action on the wall. Six-meter high light poles providing wide illumination and 24/7 monitoring via CCTV.