Eko Energy City, Lagos

West Africa’s most ambitious vision of urban living is a holistic project featuring residential, commercial and leisure areas, all seamlessly integrated into a single development. As well as creating a vibrant new business hub in Lagos, Eko Energy City sets the gold standard for luxury housing in the region. With Nigeria poised to enter the first rank of global economies over the coming decades, this is the perfect time to invest in the present - and future.

Eko Energy City isn’t just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary.

Lagos View of Oil Service Center complex

Camp Facilities + Port Facilities

Onne Oil Service Center complex enjoys a strategic position in the Guinea Gulf to establish a distribution hub, which has served onshore and offshore Oil and Gas projects since then, in Nigeria and throughout the Sub-Saharan Region.

The complex offers high-speed services, helping many international and local companies to implement their projects and reduce costs for cargo handling, equipment, shipping and bureaucracy compliance in a safe and efficient setting. Its main features are two major terminals – Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT) and Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT) – and Onne estate facilities.

An exclusive residential cluster which sets a new standard for living in Lagos. Located in the new Eko Energy City district on Victoria Island, Sails Place is an exciting fusion of luxury, utility and technology.
Soaring over Victoria Island’s skyline, destined to be a game-changing commercial hub. As well as substantial office space, it also provides meeting and conference rooms to suit every business needs.
Conceived to cater to every retail need of residents and visitors, it contains more than sixty zones divided into retail spaces, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas and other services.






  • Hospital


  • Commercial


  • Offices



    Sails Palace - Living the elegance

    Perfectly integrated with the rest of Eko Energy City, Sails Place is at the same time astonishingly peaceful. Abundant greenery and a spectrum of facilities and services make this an idyllic, self-contained oasis amid the bustle of urban life.

    Gyms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, wellness areas, bars and private parking are available to residents.

    And it’s safe. A private security service ensures that the entire district is pleasant and comfortable for everyone, at all times.

    Internet Wi-Fi

    Electricity 24/7

    TV Sat

    Private security

    Laundry and daily cleaning

    Considering the needs of our guests, the period of use and the type of contract stipulated with the companies, Eko Energy City offers the following types of accommodation:
    one bedroom
    77 to 82 sqm
    252 units
    111 sqm
    9 units
    three bedrooms
    173 sqm
    78 units
    four bedrooms
    340 sqm
    12 units

    The Shopping Mall

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    The Exclusive Workplace

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