Oil & Gas Free Zone

Maximizing its natural resources, the Nigerian Government created Oil and Gas Free Zones in the territory to favor foreign investments aimed at creating employment, welfare, transfer of technology and overall economic development.

Oil and Gas Free Zones (OGFZs) are strategically located in the heart of the Niger delta in the Ports of Onne and Warri, which is also the richest region in natural resources. It is this region that offers the best platform for the provision of logistics solutions to the industry and the wider region as a whole.

The Nigerian Government established the Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone in 1996 to provide an Oil Service Center (OSC) for onshore and offshore operations while providing the West African and greater sub-Saharan Oil & Gas industry with easy access and duty-free distribution facilities.
Following the Onne OGFZ’s success story, the Nigerian Government decided to replicate the achievements by declaring the Port of Warri an Oil &Gas Free Zone in May 2011, and Lagos Port Complex.



Oil & Gas Free Zones offer undoubted advantages and incentives to foreign companies to invest in Nigeria. Some examples of these advantages include:

Business Incentives

  • 100% repatriation of capital investment, remittance of profits and dividends allowed, no import or export licenses required;
  • 100% of FZ goods can be sold in Nigeria;
  • 100 % foreign ownership of business allowed, duty-free stock, equipment, spare parts, pipes, no double-handling in and out of Nigeria.

Tax Incentives

  • No value added tax;
  • No withholding tax;
  • No corporate tax;
  • No capital gains tax.

Customs Incentives

  • No customs duty payable for goods stored within the Free Zone or goods consumed within the Free Zone (including equipment and machinery);
  • No customs duty payable for export of Free Zone goods to other countries;
  • Free Zone goods may be transferred under customs’ escort from any port or airport of entry in Nigeria to Oil and Gas Free Zones.

Immigration Incentives

  • No quota restrictions for expatriate employees;
  • Free movement in and out of the Zone;