INTELS Oil Service Center

Nigeria is the biggest producer and exporter of oil and gas in the Sub-Saharan West African region, whose reserves have been proven to be the largest in the area, naturally located in the middle of the region.

Intels has been a leader in the Oil & Gas logistic sector for the last 30 years: born from a small concession in Onne, it is today an important reference point for all African business and a center of attraction for all the major oil companies, thanks to the development of the Oil & Gas Service concept.

Oil and Gas Free Zones have been created by Nigerian government in order to attract direct foreign investment aimed at creating employment, prosperity, technological know-how sharing and general economic development. In return, guidelines have been outlined for the implementation and adherence to the Local Content Act, guaranteeing the Nigerians the opportunity to participate in the management of the industry.

Logistic Oil Service

INTELS Logistic Oil Service Center Concept

Intels Oil Service Centers, located in State-owned Port premises and Free Zone, support oil companies providing logistics areas, port facilities, equipment, personnel.


Accommodation Oil Service

INTELS Accommodation Oil Service Center Concept

Intels provides residential estates and services as an option to its clients. Built close to our industrial facilities, they offer fully-furnished residential units and many other facilities.


accomodation nigeria

A multi-sector entity

Intels is a multi-sector entity able to provide its customers with a full-spectrum range of services, from logistics to accommodation: we strongly believe in the well-being of our guests, and we aim to offer them the best conditions in Nigeria.

Our lodgings are located in modern and stylish estates, our facilities stand near the port complexes, being able to host all the personnel of oil companies. Every camp has a direct link with ports, buses and car rental, simplifying the transit between accommodations and workplaces, while our high safety and security standards are planned to guarantee our customers to operate and live peacefully.

To assure all the comforts of a modern accommodation, every site comes with sports and leisure facilities, while Intels’ luxurious residences provide a smart solution for short stay requirements, always within our estates.

ONNE - COMPLETE Oil Service Center solution

Onne Residential Estate


Onne F.L.T. Port


Onne F.O.T. Port


WARRI - COMPLETE Oil Service Center solution

Warri Residential Estate


Warri Port


CALABAR - Oil Service Center solution (only port)

Calabar Port


PORT HARCOURT - Residential Estate (only camp)

Heliconia Estate


Aba Road Estate



ONNE Intels Nigeria Ltd
Enterprise House, Road South,
Federal Ocean Terminal,
Onne Port Complex,
Oil & Gas Free Zone,
Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria.

(084) 463 805

Liaison Office Lagos

Intels Nigeria Ltd
Plot 1220,
Bishop Oluwole Street,
Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria.

(084) 463 817


WARRI Intels Nigeria Ltd

New Port,

Delta State, Nigeria.

(084) 463 819


CALABAR Intels Nigeria Ltd

New Port,
Calabar Port Complex,

Cross River State, Nigeria.

(084) 463 818

Port Harcourt

Intels Nigeria Ltd
KM 16 Port Harcourt 
Aba Express Road,
Port Harcourt,

Rivers State, Nigeria.

(084) 463 805


Intels Nigeria Ltd Heliconia Park,
Off Eastern By-Pass / Ogbunabali Road,
Port Harcourt,

Rivers State, Nigeria.

(084) 463 805

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