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Intels Oil Service Center Services

Intels solutions are bespoke packages of services, port facilities, equipment and personnel, adjusted to each client.

Companies in the Oil & Gas sector receiving cargos from overseas can stock their goods at our bases, in a client dedicated area, thus ensuring delivery to their final destination in a prompt and secure fashion.

Cargo Handling

Receiving and dispatching goods, while providing localized services and supplies, is one simple concept behind Intels’ success. This enables our clients to reduce significantly transport and handling costs, and minimize any risk of cargo damage. Intels provides facilities, equipment and personnel to manage and supervise the logistic requirements of oil producing, service and project companies.

The core of the offer is assistance, from cargo arrival, through the stacking/racking stage, until the final delivery of materials to the designated transportation medium (support vessels, barges or trucks). Outcomes:

Load damage reduced

Very fast cargo operations

Transport costs drastically reduced

Agency for Support Vessels

In Nigeria (as in most of other West African countries), all movement of barges, tugs and support vessels into and out of bases, channels and waterways are subject to government rules and regulations; compulsory pilotage and a declaration with the relative law enforcement agencies are required.

Intels acts as a Charterer’s Agent, to ensure efficiency in the booking and clearing procedures of vessels, thereby reducing delays and providing efficiency and cost-productiveness beneficial to the industry.

Oil Service Center

Dedicated Equipment

Intels invests in top-of-the-line equipment for the maritime and logistics sector - thanks to many agreements with the world leading manufacturers, our customers will be able to take advantage of state-of-the-art machinery and vehicles, increasing their working performances due the efficiency of our service.

Intels's workshop is equipped for the maintenance and repair of all equipment. Thanks to our skilled technicians, we can assure a high-quality standard of all our machinery.

Dedicated Port Facilities

After 30 years in the field, Intels is well aware of its clients’ needs, offering comprehensive support at any type of port facility. To cope with its clients’ operations, a wide offer includes pipe racks, stacking areas, warehousing, dedicated enclosed areas, jetties, offices, water tanks, fuel storage, generators, compressors and a variety of other services and facilities as required.

Intels' logistics areas have a direct connection to the quay, offering an ideal solution for large companies set in the Nigeria Oil and Gas business. Our customers can operate in total security within their dedicated area, whose surveillance is on duty 24/7.

Moreover, Oil & Gas Free Zones offer many advantages, meaning that storage, handling, processing and transformation of goods within them are unlimited, according to the legislation in force.

Oil Service Center


Intels's personnel represents a connection between the rig and service companies, available 24/365 if required. The company’s dedicated and trusted staff supervises, coordinates and manages any stage of the process. Upon clients’ needs, specialized services can be provided on a monthly basis, whether the need is for unit or team managers, supervisors or clerks.

Employees’ health and safety is a major priority. Intels initiated the creation of policies, guidelines and procedures targeted to preventing casualties, damage and injuries, as well as protecting both the company’s and clients’ assets. The commitment to a safe, clean and healthy environment is a golden rule at Intels Nigeria Limited, where consequences of any action or project are carefully considered in daily processes and operations.