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Onne Estate Camp

Onne Camp Estate is located within the Onne Oil & Gas Service Center complex. The camp offers a high standard of accommodation and facilities for staff operating in the oil & gas industry.

It stands at about 20Km from Aba Road Estate, within easy reach of Port Harcourt by a dual carriageway.

Onne View of Oil Service Center complex

Camp Facilities + Port Facilities

Onne Oil Service Center complex enjoys a strategic position in the Guinea Gulf to establish a distribution hub, which has served onshore and offshore Oil and Gas projects since then, in Nigeria and throughout the Sub-Saharan Region.

The complex offers high-speed services, helping many international and local companies to implement their projects and reduce costs for cargo handling, equipment, shipping and bureaucracy compliance in a safe and efficient setting. Its main features are two major terminals – Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT) and Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT) – and Onne estate facilities.

Onne Camp facilities

Onne Estate offers all the comforts of a modern village.
Being an exclusive solution, directly connected to the FOT and FLT port terminals, it represents the highest conception of our Oil & Gas Service Center, offering accommodation to all expats working in the oil & gas sector.

There are 980 apartments (including 10 houses for top management), divided by different sizes and features, well furnished with all the best comforts.

The camp offers many sport & leisure facilities: swimming pool, gym, basket and tennis courts, soccer fields, restaurant, lounge bar, supermarket – in addition, an exclusive Media Center complex with conference rooms, cinema and an expo area are available. Otherwise, our Residence is able to accommodate many guests in luxurious rooms.

Other services offered are: an international SOS clinic available 24/7, daily room cleaning service, restaurant and catering service with local and international dishes. Private security active 24/7 and video surveillance.


    Modern and cosy apartments, equipped with every comfort, are an ideal solution for living & work in the Onne Oil & Gas Complex. Available in different types and sizes, from 15 Sqm up to 280 Sqm. One-story, two-story or multi-story buildings.

    As a standard apartment, the accommodation comes with a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. Electricity 24h, Internet Wi-fi, TV Sat. Daily cleaning service. Private security active 24/7 and video surveillance.

    Internet Wi-Fi

    Electricity 24/7

    TV Sat

    Private security

    Laundry and daily cleaning

    Onne Camp nigeria
    Considering the needs of our guests, a vast variety of apartments are available to suit different budgets and requirements:
    15 sqm to 30 sqm
    4 units
    one bedroom
    35 sqm to 70 sqm
    812 units
    two bedrooms
    105 smq to 170 sqm
    83 units
    three bedrooms
    145 sqm to 280 sqm
    33 units
    four bedrooms
    255 sqm
    12 Units
    Onne Camp nigeria


    Onne Camp nigeria
    The physical and psychological well-being of the Onne Oil & Gas Port complex occupants and residents is essential to us. That’s why a recreation area is integrated into its design. A large swimming pool, tennis, basketball and two squash courts, gym and fitness areas offer a spread of leisure options to suit all tastes. A Restaurant and bar are available, to spend your free time in company.

    swimming pool


    basketball court

    two squash courts


    fitness area

    Multi-center Arena

    Completed in 2015, this building elevated the Onne Estate to a higher level, offering the possibility to host congresses, exhibitions, parties, dedicated events, etc., while the main hall can be set-up as a cinema. In the bright hall, guests are welcomed by a modern lounge bar and a relax area, equipped with sofas and comfortable seating.

    Security within the buildings obviously takes on a vital role, and Intels considers this a key aspect in its facilities: entrance turnstiles are equipped with the best technologies available, metal detectors and scanners are to check everyone

    Onne Camp nigeria



    lounge bar

    relax area

    Onne Camp nigeria


    Onne Camp nigeria

    A modern residence which sets a new standard in Onne accommodation. Located in the Onne Camp Estate, the Onne Residence is an exciting fusion of luxury, efficiency and technology.

    It was designed to integrate perfectly with the Multimedia Center Arena, which became its main reference point.

    Among the other services already offered, the Onne Residence provides its guests with a reception, an international restaurant and a lounge bar.

    electricity 24/7


    lounge bar

    private security

    daily cleaning

    international restaurant