Quality Health System

To maintain a leading position as a service provider of logistics support, Intels Nigeria Limited has developed QHSE guidelines stating that quality, health, safety at work and respect for the environment have priority.


‘In line with the ISO 9001:2008 standard’s requirements, Intels commits towards quality achievements through strong processes, sound customer feedback, monitoring and measuring, continual improvement, and internal audits’.

Health and safety

Employees’ health and safety is a major priority. Accordingly, Intels initiated the creation of policies, guidelines and procedures targeted to preventing casualties, damage and injuries, as well as protecting both the company’s and clients’ assets.


Commitment to a safe, clean and healthy environment is a basic rule at Intels Nigeria Limited. The consequences of any action or initiative are carefully considered in daily processes and operations, especially before the implementation of any policy.

Intels, firmly believes in engaging the workforce in health and safety because safety is “everybody’s responsibility”. Continuous consultation with the workers by line managers has earned the company a positive health and safety culture throughout the organization and this is evident in the company’s outstanding health, safety and environment performance. Remarkable achievement in managing all work related injuries and damage to clients’ property within all Intels’ operational bases has earned outstanding recognition from clients.

  • 3 million man-hours no LTI shore base operation award 2012 (Exxonmobil)
  • Working 3 million man hours LTI free/1000 barges loaded without any recordable incident 2011 (Chevron/SGC)
  • Two years without Lost Time Injury. 2010 (SGC-EGTL Project)
  • Working 1Million MHR without a recordable or Lost Time Injury.
  • 2009/2010 (Chevron Nig. Ltd)
  • Golden QHES Recognition award for achieving more than 2Million cumulative LTI free MHR at the end of 2009. 2010 (Chevron Nig. Ltd)
  • Certificate of compliance on Health, safety and Environment 2008/2009 (Ministry of Environment, Government of Rivers state) 2010 (Chevron Nig. Ltd)
  • 1000 Days Non LTI safety award. 2007 (Total/EPNL)
  • Safety Awards, 5 years no Lost Time Injury. 2007 (ExxonMobil)

Intels is committed to protecting the environment in which it operates by ensuring that all risks from work activities are minimized as far as reasonably practicable.