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Welcome to Intels Story

Intels’ story begins in the mid-1970s and goes through more than thirty years in the West African history of Oil and Gas logistics.



Intels strategic operation for Italy: acquired the Interporto of Marghera

A few hours before the current state of emergency, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Gabriele Volpi's Orlean Invest Holding group announced the acquisition of the Marghera Interport area.

Intels, part of the Orlean Invest Holding, at work for the restart of Italy

Intels Strategic operation in Italy, at the port of Marghera. Through the Rivers Docks, Intels, a company that has been managing Nigeria's most important Oil Service Center for over 40 years recently acquired the assets of the Venice Freight Village and the Adriatic Intermodal Terminal in Marghera.

Eko Energy City, a real estate investment for the future of Nigeria and Africa

As part of Intel’s decades-long presence in Nigeria, which resulted in a consolidated and recognized leadership in logistic service, allowing maximum exploitation of the largest Oil & Gas Free Zone in the world, Eko Energy City in Lagos, represents a strategic step forward for the group.