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Three decades in the field

Intels’ story begins in the mid-1970s and goes through more than thirty years in the West African history of Oil and Gas logistics.



West African history of Oil and Gas
West African history of Oil and Gas
West African history of Oil and Gas
  • 1976

    Noli International Shipping Services lands in Nigeria. Golden & Silver Eagle are appointed as shipping agents.
  • 1978

    Eleven ships (6000 containers) are directly owned, as well as fifty medium/longterm charter boat.
  • 1982

    First development phase for the offshore activity in Nigeria: AGIP is in the need of leasing some port facilities in Onne in order to support the drilling campaign for Agbara field. Mr. Volpi founds Nicotes (Nigeria Container & Oil Terminal Services) and provides them.
  • 1985

    Joint venture with Alraine, the Nigerian entity of SCAC Group NPA (Nigerian Ports Authority) awards Nicotes its first five-years-lease agreement.
    Issuance of the first Tariff Book with indication of the services being provided as direct and indirect.
  • 1987

    Conference at the Eko Holiday Inn in Lagos: the “Oilfield Supply Base” concept is presented to the industry operators.
  • 1988

    Termination of the JV with Alraine. Joint venture with Bouygues Offshore (60% Bouygues and 40% ELF).
  • 1989

    Nicotes starts to operate autonomously.
    Acquisition of some important clients such as Agip, Elf, Texaco, Shell, Mobil and Chevron through 3-5 years lease agreements and one-year equipment hire agreements.
  • 1992

    Award of 21 year extension of leases at Onne Port complex, Warri Port complex and Calabar new Port.
  • 1993

    New operations in West Africa concerning Congo, Gabon and Angola. In the same year, President Abacha’s coup d’état in Nigeria.
Nigeria history of Oil and Gas
oil gas free zone nigeria
West African history of Oil and Gas
  • 1995

    Shut down of Nicotes by the Government for security reasons. Incorporation of Intels in September. Construction of the residential estates of Heliconia Park, Aba Road and Onne.
    Start-up of the operations in Angola through SONILS: Luanda Oil & Gas Service Centre
  • 1996

    Kickstart of the first deep water support operation in Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT).
    Establishment of Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone by the promulgation of Decree No. 8 of 29th March 1996.
  • 1997

    D.M.S (Nigeria) Limited appointed as Free Zone Management Consultants by Federal Ministry of Commerce.
  • 1998-1999

    First NAPIMS “Industry Wide Standard Tariff” approved.
    Death of President Abacha and subsequent election of Olusegun Obasanjo as new President, with Atiku Abubakar appointed as his vice-President.
  • 2000

    JV with Maersk/APMT (West Africa Container Terminal Limited).
  • 2005-2006

    25+25 years’ concession agreement for Onne, Warri and Calabar
  • 2008

    Onne, Warri and Calabar are listed to handle Oil & Gas Multi-Purpose Cargo.
  • 2010

    President performs opening ceremony for new facilities and projects.
    Local Content Development Act (NCDMB): investment in human capital, gradual takeover of indigenous companies and indigenous professionals, technology transfer, increase incentives and support for local service companies
  • 2011

    Phase 4 Project is started in order to expand Onne port.
  • 2013

    Completion of Phase 4 Project in Onne. Launch of Phase 4B Project.
  • 2014

    Inauguration of Lagos Port (Eko Support Services).
  • 2015

    Acquisition of a 46 Ha parcel of land within the Eko Atlantic Economic City area. The Badagry Port Consortium acquires the land for the construction of a new commercial megaport.
  • 2016

    Kickstart of P-100, an internal re-organization project aiming to simplify the overall corporate structure, improve the operational efficiency, cut any unnecessary spending and make the processes and procedures leaner. Targets achieved in less than 12 months.